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The DTI Hero Award was created to highlight and honor non-profit organizations that are making significant contributions to underserved communities in the Chicagoland area. 

Each year, the Hero’s Committee will select three (3) specific categories to focus on when conducting a thorough search for potential candidates.


We are so excited about providing this opportunity to these great organizations!  Now, there are so many amazing nonprofit programs throughout Chicago, so this year we decided that each candidate’s mission should directly impact 1) Literacy/Arts; 2) Homelessness; and 3) Healthcare, either physical or mental. 


The entire committee was committed to identifying that organization that was dedicated to making a lasting and meaningful impact within their community based on one of the selected categories.  These organizations also demonstrated that this award would have a great impact on the organization achieving its mission.

The 1st Annual DTI Hero Awards were given to:

1.           Cardz for Kidz

2.           Coalition for the Homeless, and

3.           The True Star Foundation

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