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4 Reasons to Leave Your Legacy System Today

Digital transformation evolved from people’s desire to make business operations better by leveraging technology in new ways. It was a promising trend long before the recent global pandemic, but one cannot deny that this event has disrupted business operations across the world. Traditional businesses for the first time have had to transition to fully digital and remote workplaces. As a result, the pace of digital transformation has been accelerated for most businesses across the world. Many have embraced the change, but there are still businesses that are critical of its benefit. According to a 2019 report by Deloitte, 87% of companies think that the digital world will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for it. Implementing an effective and competitive digital transformation strategy requires you to have a vision for the future that encourages continuous innovations. Without digital transformation, your company will lack the ability to scale and grow at the rate of competitors. Therefore, businesses that continue to uphold legacy systems put themselves at risk of falling behind. Fortunately, transitioning to a cloud-based system is not as difficult as many may think. Depending on your business size, it has a quick turnaround time with guaranteed benefits that will allow your business to evolve to greater levels than ever before. Still not convinced? Let’s explore some of the reasons that your business should ditch your legacy system TODAY and start moving towards digital transformation.

1. Migrating to a cloud is not a complicated math equation. Some people think anything on the cloud is as complicated as solving the world’s hardest math equations. I’m here to tell you that’s it not! It’s easier to implement, operate, and maintain a cloud based digital system than it is to uphold a legacy system. Here’s where having strong and strategic partnerships with companies that pick up in areas where you are weak in, plays a critical part. Having the right partner for your technology department can help to mitigate a lot of the stress and confusion around cloud systems. Whether you leverage partners or develop it in house, don’t be afraid to take that leap today!

2. You’re actually losing money by not migrating to a cloud. Do you know that there’s a wide pool of potential customers just waiting for you to open your online business? Or that the chances of scaling your business with a legacy system is slim to none? Maintaining your legacy system puts you at risk of losing money because it’s extremely hard to scale quickly in today’s digital world. As your business needs grow, it can be challenging to navigate the inflexibility and costliness of your legacy system. It may be more upfront costs for cloud implementation, but it’s more cost effective than upholding your legacy system.

3. Outdated technology could potentially limit your innovation. After the recent global pandemic, digital transformation is more essential than ever. The level of agility, scalability, and innovation it provides organizations is unmatched. The new capabilities offered by cloud systems will ultimately drive business growth. People are continuously innovating the way we do business through cloud systems in ways such as improving data storage options, multi-cloud connectivity, salability, and so much more.

4. Cloud systems frees up time, money, and resources. And who doesn’t want that? Cloud services gives you the ability have a fully managed system that requires no extra energy from employees. This frees up time for your company to focus on other business needs.

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey and every evolving process to change the way your business operates. Ditching your legacy system will be one of the most important factors in the success of all organizations going forward. The fun part is that each organization requires their own unique strategy and solutions to fit their unique business needs.

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