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Celebrating Dr. Mark Dean during Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month we would like to Celebrate Dr. Mark Dean a computer engineer and scientist credited with leading a team that developed a number of technological advancements including the color PC monitor, the ISA BUS, and the first one-gigahertz computer chip. Dr. Dean holds 3 of 9 PC patents for IBM's personal computer released in 1981.

Dr. Mark Dean who was born on March 02,1957 in Jefferson City, TN showed his love for building things at an early age this love carried him forward to college where he graduated from University of Tennessee with a degree in engineering. Soon after he landed a job at IBM where he proved to be a rising star.

Despite his successes. Dean continued his education and earned several more degrees leading up to his Doctorate in engineering from Stanford University. He has since been awarded an IBM Fellow and the Black Engineer of the Year Presidents award and been inducted to the Inventors hall of fame.

Our peoples contribution to tech bring us great joy, we hope to inspire more youth to join the ranks of some of the most innovative and outstanding African Americans in history through our contributions and work within the minority community.

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