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DTI Safety Statement

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

In the last few weeks, COVID-19 has drastically changed all of our lives. And it’s more than realistic to assume that working from home will become the new normal for a while longer. That being said we know it must be a great struggle for some juggling children, partners and work.

So we have come up with a few focus points that will help you stay on task in an environment that may not lend itself to productivity.


The key to working from home is communication, communication, communication. Touch base with your teammates at least twice per day.

Communication breakdown is much more likely if your workplace isn’t used to working remotely. Your manager might not be used to managing people virtually or super busy so feel free to take the initiative. Offer to schedule weekly calls or regular check-ins throughout the week.

But even for those accustomed to it, working from home can feel unstructured and isolating. By communicating with your boss and team consistently through video chat or phone conversation you allow for the clear exchange of information and teamwork. Make sure your conversations are constructive by discussing relevant issues surrounding the current workload. Be sure to ask if you could be of assistance on other projects or fill in for unavailable resources.


There are also some timeless WFH tips to call upon:

Rise early as if you were coming into the office, get dressed, have a balanced meal, plan and structure a day for a full 8 hours of work. If your load is light take this opportunity to attend online trainings and courses, compile research, digital housekeeping such as cleaning and organizing digital files. Now is the perfect time for organizing and streamlining.

Distractions are plentiful especially for those with children. Please make sure that you remind yourselves that you are at work. Put those home projects on hold until your workday ends. That means no laundry, dishes or vacuuming please.

Avoid Isolation

Even with the best WFH practices, the enforced and abrupt nature of the transition from an office to a home environment could leave some struggling to get accustomed to the change. Especially for those with families and loved ones suffering from Covid 19. We want you to know that your team, managers and firms are here for you.

Feel free to use IM to message teammates for the standard watercooler conversation during lunch and break times. Check in on how they are holding up during this difficult time. Don’t forget to ask them how they are staying on top of things while working from home. Sharing challenges can spark break throughs and increase productivity.


During this period of panic and uncertainty we want to remind you to take care of yourself. Your health and safety are top priority. Make sure that you make sometime during the day to exercise, go out for a walk and get some fresh air into those lungs. Be sure that when you return from trips outside that you are washing your hands and cleaning your surfaces thoroughly. Above all be safe and we will see you back in the office soon!

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