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Impact of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion starts with the diversity of races, gender and age, background, as well as education within a company’s employees. But to be a successful business, the goal should be to take it a step further and actively work on ensuring they feel included and that their voices are heard in the company when important decisions are being made. Prioritizing diversity ensures a better representation of how the world looks and your company’s consumer base. This way of running a company elevates it’s wealth of ideas and input that help it reach a crucial new level. Companies who are in the top quartile of racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns higher than their usual respective national industrial medians. Many people in search of a new job also include diversity in their, about 67% of millennials and Generation Z look for diversity in the work place. All across the board it is shown that diversity in the workplace can increase workers engagement and financial benefits and much more. Check out this infographic to see additional statistics on the impact of diversity & inclusion on businesses.

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