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How you can give during covid19

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

If you are like my firm you are struggling to figure out how you can give during a time where the country is under lockdown and many are afraid of non-essential spending.  Here we have a few ideas to put those budgeted charity dollars to work, along with some organizations we think could really use your contribution. Just in time for Giving Tuesday!

Keeping your employees safe should be your top priority and when we think about charity work in the traditional sense, we think about donating our time, personal contact and intimate moments with those we are helping. Yet, during this pandemic we must rethink how we give and how we make an impact on those who need us the most.

Donate online

Donating online is the popular way of giving and many of your favorite charities have websites that can take your contributions. As you may have noticed major corporations, coworkers, friends and family members alike are hosting online campaigns to help out charities in their local areas and around the country. Use them. Companies are also taking virtual volunteers. If you have free time and a marketable skill there are non-profits that need your assistance. Websites like Volunteer match will put you in connection with firms that can use your assistance during these trying times with marketing, campaigns and technical support to name a few.

Curbside Delivery

I know you have heard the phrase quite a bit but we agree that supporting your local restaurants is essential during this time and curbside delivery is a great way to do that. It is also a great way to support your local charities! Curbside delivery of goods, food and supplies is growing in popularity and charities appreciate the ingenuity.  There are shelters, churches and organizations that depend on the generosity of these donations and curbside offers a safer way for us to make a difference in the lives of those impacted the most by COVID

Promote your favorite Charity

Join your peers and promote your favorite charity online. Contact your charity of choice and arrange a donation drive or share their website on your Instagram, Facebook or twitter pages. It’s the most efficient way of reaching a wider audience and helping those organizations in need.

Please take a look at our charities of choice:

Rainbow Shelter for Battered Women

Boys & Girls Club


Genesys Works

Susan G Komen

Yvonne Burke Foundation

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