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More Women in The Workplace

Women’s representation in the technology field, especially those of color, have always been scarce. From 2018 to 2020 according to the provided statistics, women’s numbers in the tech field have consistently been low over the years. In 2018, only 25.9% of employees in the field were women, the following year the percentage rose to 26.2%, while in 2020 the amount of female employees grew to only 28.8%. Ironically woman account for 48% of entry level- hires yet only 38% make up first level managers (McKinsey 2020). This demonstrates the lack of opportunities for women within the corporate world. Despite the fact that countless studies have demonstrated the benefit of prioritizing diversity in the workplace, unfortunately there is still not much female representation in the tech industry. Changing this is critical to the success of all business types. The following infographic indicates that hiring a diversified team member such as women and women of color in turn helps the company perform better as a whole, and it's important not to forget the newly hired talent and more engaged employees. Through proactive and intentional recruiting strategies, a company will be able to create a diverse team, that gives a competitive advantage.

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