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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The encouraging words from Dr. King is a reminder that there are always challenges that will face you, it’s is a reminder not to let those challenges make you feel powerless and helpless but the opposite. No matter what condition you are in you always have to power to do better, to push forward despite times being rough. Those words still stand strong today, and

Dr. King’s dream still empowers us today. Today we celebrate a man who kept fighting for what he knew was right, we celebrate a black man who overcame racial challenges none of us could even imagine. A leader , a father , a husband, a friend; Dr. King is the human example of dedication and love.

DTI stands with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s philosophy of overcoming ones generational challenges, not all of us can know exactly how to deal with it, but growth and development is exactly if we desire to be change agents within communities we serve.


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