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Talent Shortage Shows the Need to Improve Employee Experience

Over the past two years, a record number of people across the world have quit their jobs and we haven’t seen this trend let up yet. Having to navigate the harsh reality that COVID-19, quarantine, and lockdowns have made people reimagine what their lives can be. No longer are the days where people are dealing with unsatisfactory working conditions, uninspiring jobs, inflexible schedules, or low salary rates. In 2021, there were over 5 million new businesses started in America alone as more people began to realize their dream of owning a business. The trend for new business startups is expected to continue throughout 2022 as an increasing number of Americans pursue their dreams of owning and operating their own business.

As employers, the number one thing you can do is improve your overall employee experience. Employees appreciate workplaces that gives them creative control, offers robust benefits, flexibility, and balance. People have recognized that they enjoy flexibility in their work schedule so that they can have more free time to spend on their interests and with their family. The rise in remote workplaces has given employees the ability to do just that. With COVID-19 protocols easing up, employers are eager to get their employees back onsite, but this may exasperate the issue rather than resolve it. We must maintain the flexibility and give people the option of coming back in or staying home. Additionally, it’s important to continuously prioritize innovation and collaboration. The days of using legacy systems over, you must implement digital transformation to stay relevant amongst job seekers. The new digital world requires online collaboration capabilities.

To recruit and retain talent during a massive talent shortage, you must increase pay and boost employment benefits. Freelancers and independent contracts are making more money through providing services on their own, Therefore, to engage job seekers you must offer a robust benefit packages and salary rates. Apply this to every aspect of the business and you will see an increase in creativity and innovation. The next wave of technology is data analytics to optimize consumer experience. Creating new opportunities for growth and offer comprehensive training & development opportunities. It’s important that businesses across the world curate a better employee experience in effort to not only recruit new talents, but also retain current employees.

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