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Largest US Energy Co. – Corp site Platform Upgrade and Redesign 
DTI’s Roles


As Product Lead, DTI stepped in to translate vision into action, shaping the solution approach by creating roadmaps, user stories and other documentation. While facilitating agile ceremonies and overseeing several rounds of UAT, the Product Lead worked closely with the independent departments, merging them together into one cohesive team and bringing communication to the fore. 


System Integrator: Deloitte 


  • Agile cross-functional team needed guidance to transition from storming to performing in the SAFe framework. 

  • Lack of efficient communication meant existing business engagement between client and vendor needed transparency and amplification. 

  • Original hosting services’ approaching End-of-Life (EOL) cycle caused time constraint and highlighted need to realign project delivery cadence and regain client trust without introducing new scope creep. 


  • Implemented thought-provoking leadership, supporting core Agile methodologies and ceremonies. 

  • Leveraged the five components of Emotional Intelligence to facilitate and grow equity between members of both client and vendor teams and bridge the communication gap. 

  • Created cadences and processes that fostered growth, cohesion, and a streamlined delivery approach which resulted in a successful migration and launch before the EOL deadline. 


Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 250 energy company headquartered in Chicago with over $35 billion (about $110 per person in the US) in revenue in 2019 and 10 million customers (about half the population of New York), is building a foundation for future brand and content opportunities for, with eyes on future elevation of overall experience and content. 


Energy/Large Utility 


IT Consulting – Enterprise Solutions, Digital Transformation 


Enterprise-level migration from SharePoint to Adobe Experience Manager (Cloud). DTI’s first Platform Upgrade at Exelon began in 2021. As part of Deloitte’s team, DTI built out templates and components, rebuilt architecture flow, and leveraged Azure DevOps to migrate the Constellation website over to the AEM platform. In 2023, Deloitte brought DTI onboard again for the Utility’s Corporate site. This project had two goals: 1) to migrate the site from SharePoint to Adobe Experience Manager’s Cloud system, and 2) to improve and elevate the design and overall User Experience.  

Exelon selected Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to move to a modern content management system that allows for the content to be created, published, and managed in an optimized manner. Deloitte was hired to migrate the corporate site to the AEM system while implementing a redesign that created a strong public front page for Exelon to communicate with customers, shareholders, jobseekers, and other key stakeholders. 

Exelon successfully launched the new corporate site on the AEM platform in August 2023. 

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