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Working Together


DTI provides highly competent and cost competitive PMO, Quality Assurance, and Organizational Change Management services to our clients.


DTI can offer the entire realm of advisory services where we manage the entire process to providing specific resources with the necessary skills.

Project Management Office (PMO)


DTI's Project Management Office (PMO)  establishes and maintains project management standards, processes, and best practices to help ensure that projects are executed efficiently.  We also help enable utilization of resources, help businesses achieve strategic objectives, and help protect them against market volatility.  

• Project Governance 

• Portfolio Management

• Performance Measurement & Reporting 

• Strategic Communications 

• Technology Integration & Implementation 

• Resource Management  


Quality Assurance



At DTI, we believe that Quality Assurance (QA) is a critical process that helps ensure products and services meet or exceed established standards.  Our resources meticulously evaluate and test aspects of a product or service to help safeguard against defects, inconsistencies, and performance issues.  Our offerings include manual, automated, system integration, and performance testing.

Organizational Change Management


DTI has consultants who are knowledgeable in guiding teams and individuals through transitions within a company. Organizational change management is more than just implementing new technologies or processes; it's about nurturing a culture of adaptability and resilience. Our skilled change managers help empower employees to embrace change, overcome resistance, and see the opportunities hidden within transformation.     

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