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Working Together


DTI has been providing highly competent and cost competitive on-site and on-shore resources for managed services for many years. Recently, DTI developed relationships with third-party organizations that provide off-shore resources. Combining DTI resources with off-shore resources allows us to provide our clients managed services on a 24/7 basis.


DTI can offer the entire realm of managed services where we manage the entire process to providing specific resources with the necessary skills.

Call Center Services


DTI can set up and run a call center to support you and your customers and clients. With our off-shore third-party resources, we can provide you with 24/7 call center support.


Post Implementation and Production Support


Oftentimes, our clients retain us after a system we helped implement goes live, including enterprise systems such as ERP. We understand our clients, they know us, we understand the system, and they appreciate our ability to provide cost competitive resources for post implementation and production support. 


In other cases, DTI is hired to support systems we have not helped implement, mainly due to our product knowledge, ability to manage the support processes, and cost competitive resources.


Maintenance and Support Services


We provide maintenance and support services for IT systems and networks, including technical support, voice services support, PBX support, and voice/data MAC. This support can include support management and specific resources with the necessary skills, including on-site resources.


As part of DTI’s on-site technician program for M.A.C work (Moves, Adds, and Changes), we will install, test, repair, and label all existing and new voice/data/audio/video telecommunications infrastructure, such as: fixed-lines, indoor mobile telephony networks, copper and fiber-optic cabling, CATV distribution cabling, video surveillance and physical access systems, wireless radio networks providing internet access to PCs, smartphones and tablets. We can also add value with our design build capabilities.

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