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DTI provides first-rate network services for both Premise Distribution Wiring Solutions and In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We combine best-in-class products, such as those from Hubbell for Premise Wiring, Axis for IP-CCTV Camera Systems and Physical Access Control Systems and Panduit, along with our highly trained and experienced consultants and I.B.E.W. cabling professionals and technicians to provide cost-effective network solutions with performance, reliability, and scalability for future growth. Our experience in successfully managing projects is extensive, so we deliver our network services on-time and within budget.

Premise Distribution Wiring Solutions
Structured Cabling: Voice, Data, Audio & Video


We provide structured cabling for voice, data, audio and video for new buildings, renovations, and additions, as well as upgrading existing cabling infrastructure in order to keep up with today’s demand. We work on-site, but we limit disruptions to your existing operations.


For healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, our people are also knowledgeable and experienced in implementing structured cabling and other systems while meeting the rules, regulations, and codes that are required to keep everyone safe in hospitals.

Fiber Optic Cabling Infrastructure


When high bandwidth or long-distance coverage are required, or when clients want to take advantage of the increased speed and capacity available from 5G, fiber optic cabling is recommended. DTI can set up the network services using fiber optic cabling infrastructure, including from the main distribution frame (MDF) room equipment to the intermediate distribution frame (IDF) room. DTI can connect endpoints directly to the fiber optic cable to deliver higher bandwidth.


CATV Cabling


Cable television (CATV) cabling can be used to provide internet service and television and telephone service to an organization. Within the organization, CATV cabling can be used to distribute the services, whether it be external television or in-house programming, throughout the organization or on specific devices. This could include classroom instruction to specific rooms in a school or presentations in specific meeting rooms for a business through IP-based distribution video networks. DTI has experience installing CATV cabling and implementing IP-based distribution video networks to meet our clients’ video distribution needs.


IP-CCTV Camera Systems


Many of our clients are concerned about the safety and security of their employees and property and want to install surveillance systems. With today’s technology, it makes sense to use internet protocol (IP) high definition cameras connected to a network (i.e., IP-CCTV camera system). This combination allows for off-site monitoring and zooming in to see more detail, such as for face recognition and reading license plates. DTI installs everything needed to provide these surveillance systems, including the cameras and networks.


Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)


Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are used to manage employee and visitor access within a facility. PACS can be used to help prevent access to the entire facility or specific areas within the facility for a specific individual. Among the components of a PACS are the network, door controllers, card readers and validation systems. DTI is experienced in installing these systems, and can help you improve your access management of your facility.


In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)


In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are used to distribute cellular signals throughout a building, including problem areas such as elevators. DAS can be used to improve capacity, the amount of cellular data usage, and coverage, possibly due to the cell tower being too far away or building material (e.g., concrete) blocking the cell signal. DTI can help you address problems of cellular signal capacity and coverage by installing and implementing DAS at your facility.

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