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Schools – Oracle Financial ERP Projects
DTI’s Roles


CPS recognized DTI’s strong performance, as DTI was repeatedly part of the selected teams bringing local knowledge across multiple procurements for the initial ERP implementation, two upgrades, post-implementation support, and the implementation of iProcurement.


  • Teamed with Oracle Consulting Services, DTI migrated Chicago Public Schools from a hodgepodge of legacy systems to Oracle’s e-Business Suite Financials.

  • Teamed again with Oracle Consulting, DTI helped CPS upgrade the Oracle E-Business Suite to a new release.

  • DTI provided Managed Services post-implementation support for the ERP system.

  • DTI assisted Accenture in a second upgrade to a new release of the Oracle E-Business Suite.

  • Working with Solbourne (acquired by Deloitte), DTI helped implement iProcurement at CPS.


Throughout DTI’s work at CPS, DTI provided analysis, design, development, testing, and documentation for requested customizations, data conversion, interfaces, training of technical staff, problem resolution, and support to CPS management through advanced reporting. Under separate contracts, DTI also installed or upgraded network infrastructure at approximately 40 schools within CPS. As recently as 2020, DTI was providing PMO support for CPS’ Technology Modernization project.


Industry / Customer Profile

SLED / Large K-12 School District


IT Consulting – Enterprise Solutions

Managed Services – Post Implementation Support


Oracle E-Business Suite


System Integrators: Oracle Consulting, Accenture, Solbourne (acquired by Deloitte) Software Provider: Oracle


  • Implementing a district-wide ERP system across over 600 schools.

  • Establishing standard business processes in a complex and changing political environment.


  • As a result of the new system, Chicago Public Schools’ financial processes were streamlined, including accounting, grants, procurement, inventory management, and budgeting.

  • Instructional staff can now focus more of their time on teaching, as the ERP system automates more of their administrative tasks.

  • Budget formulation requires less time and improves the quality of the budget forecasts.

  • The iProcurement system provided considerable savings and reduced timing by improving the procure-to-pay process.


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the third largest school district in the country, with over 350,000 students, over 600 schools, over 40,000 employees and a budget of $7.7 billion in 2019.


CPS selected the Oracle E-Business Suite as the foundation for a new financial ERP system to help the district improve its various financial related processes. CPS then hired system integrators to implement, upgrade, and manage the ERP system from Oracle.


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